limitations of the software

As both a Domestic and Commercial Energy Assessor based in Croydon I spend a lot of time interacting with the software tools provided by the department of Communities & Local Government and it appears there are more variations in properties than the software allows.
I was at a mid terraced property, in Southeast London, the other day that had been extended both front and back. The main property therefore had no heat loss walls (walls exposed to the elements).
The software used to generate the Energy Performance Certificate EPC assumes for all areas of a property (main or original building, extension one, extension two, etc.) there is an exposed wall (a heat loss perimeter) and therefore failed in this instance.
The recommended approach to resolve this was to “borrow” some of the extension external wall (taking account of the different U values) and adding it to the main property
I have found in these circumstances calling Elmhurst Energy Services my accreditation agency has been invaluable not only for me but also for my clients ensuring they have a representative Energy Performance Certificate EPC

Are you an Energy Assessor and have a story about something that did not fit the software model, if so let us know

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