Dynamic Energy Assessors provide multiple SAP calculations for client near Redhill

Are you about to extend or redevelop your house in any way?  Chances are your Local Authority will require you to prove the resultant building is more Energy Efficient than what exists

Our client, Simon, required SAP calculations for Local Authority compliance

Replacing a lean-to utility room with an exciting new solid oak framed extension with fully glazed gable ends and replacing a run-down garden room with a modern oak framed garden room with 3 fully glazed bedroom extensions above

The Local Authority deemed the size of the redevelopment to large for a single extension – modelling showed that 1 extension rather than 3 discrete extensions created major energy efficiency gains

To ensure the concerns regarding the amount of glass being used did not compromise the energy efficiency of the building modelling both the existing building and the proposed redevelopment showed a substancial gain in effeciency for the proposed redevelopment

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