for domestic properties

Before you market a property for sale or rent, you must have commissioned an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to comply with current legislation.

What is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?
An EPC provides an Energy Efficiency and an Environmental Impact (CO2) rating for a property, an explanation of the results and a set of recommendations on how to improve the efficiency and reduce the environmental impact
To see a sample report please click here

Business benefits
If you act on the recommendations in the report, it can help raise the quality of your properties and attract tenants. What’s more, the recommendations can be used to guide your future purchasing decisions, for example, installing a high efficiency boiler or heat pump could make significant savings against management costs.

How long
The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) lasts for ten years.

Adding value
Knowing that many landlords rarely see inside the properties for which they are responsible so we are happy to make digital photos, we take doing the energy assessment, available to the landlord or their agent. This allows you to view the state of the property at the time of our visit. There is no extra charge for this added value service and it may well save money.
Whenever we assess a property, and areas of concern are identified, we always alert the person commissioning the work

Please ask if you’d also like an independent report on the condition of the property.

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