our ethos

Because they follow Government standards, all EPC reports have the same format. But, like human beings, all energy assessors are not the same.

At Dynamic Energy Assessors, we focus on three Ps of customer service to keep our clients happy.

Proactive: When choosing us to prepare your Certificate or Report you may be surprised how smooth the process is. We take care to explain everything simply, and ensure the process is convenient, understandable and transparent throughout.

Punctual: We recognise it can be inconvenient to have to let someone into your property to do an energy assessment, so we make sure we arrive at the agreed time and complete our investigations as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are extremely proud that in the many hundreds of EPCs we have performed we have never arrived later than the time agreed.

Professional: We know you want to receive the report in good time, so we offer fast and efficient guarantees and generally exceed these. We treat each and every client with respect, courtesy and with absolute discretion ensuring your experience leaves you listened to, supported where appropriate and completely satisfied.

In summary, we pride ourselves in going the extra mile to make you smile!

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