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Did you know that domestic dwellings account for around 27% of all carbon emissions? This is why governments around the world are increasingly targeting household energy efficiency.

If you are interested in eco-friendly and sustainable living, here are some areas to consider:


  • Loft: this is one of the least expensive methods of reducing your environmental impact and saving money, with the payback generally coming in the second or third year
  • Cavity wall: this is another reasonable way to reduce costs and environmental impact with the payback generally in the third or fourth year

Heat Pumps
Heat pumps use large areas of constant heat difference to recover heat from (when the area is at a greater temperature than that being heated) or to absorb heat (when area is at a lesser temperature)

  • Air-to-air: these look and act a bit like traditional air conditioning units, however, they can heat as well as cool whilst recovering energy in the process. Some of these units are reported as generating 4KW of heat from an input of 1KW of en
  • Ground-to-air/water: work in a similar way to a refrigerator. In heating mode heat is extracted from ground using pumped liquid in buried pipes that heats the property. When in cooling mode excess heat from the property is transferred to the g
  • Water-to-air/water: these are similar to Ground-Air/Water Heat Pumps, but they use latent heat or the cooling properties from a water source rather than from the ground
  • Ground-Store: these use the slow thermal movement in earth to store heat from the warm summer period. Heat is collected, often under car park or road way asphalt, and stored by heating large areas of ground, a few metres deep, during the warmer periods. In the colder months the process is reversed and the stored heat may be extracted and used to warm buildings or reduce icing on road, paths, runways etc.

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