is the government listening to feedback?

The other day I was asked by a client, for whom I had recently done an Energy assessment EPC does the government actually listen to feedback they are given?

It appears the government (CLG) has listened to the feedback, a brief summary follows

EPC Addendums
A number of addendums have been added to the EPC that whilst they do not remove the shortcoming of RdSAP they do provide clarification. The Energy Assessor selects relevant addendums from a standard list

EPC Descriptions
The description of a number of the more controversial item on the report have been updated/clarified

Related Party Disclosure
The related party disclosure has been standardised, the Energy Assessor selects from a standard list

Conventions – Measurement & Geometry
In general previously grey areas have been clarified, areas such as:
– Kitchens – habitable when space is available for a table & 4 chairs
– Porches – heated are included, unheated are not

Conventions – Heating & Hot Water
Clarification provided on radiators/Underfloor heating mix due to the higher boiler temperature required for radiators.
Only consider Storage heaters as such if there is dual rate meters otherwise treat as panel heaters
All heating systems, whether condemned or not, are included
Clarification regarding Micro CHP and Community Heating has been given
Secondary heating systems have been clarified – when to include will be treated as 10-20% of heating. Also when a 2nd form of water heating is used then a secondary heating system must be included

Conventions – Lighting
What is and is not a Low Energy Light has been refined/clarified

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