air sourced heat pumps

Air souced heat pumps, often thought of as Air Conditioning units, are a modern version of the traditional air conditioning unit with a heat recovery element. They take energy from the air outside and use this to heat the space within the property. Air sourced heat pumps come in two styles:
– Air-to-water where the heat is transferred around the houes via a traditional water based system such as underfloor heating or radiators
– Air-to-air where the heated air is used to directly heat the space however; this style is rarely used to heat the hot water system.
The ground, in most of the UK, is 10oC at a depth of one metre. It is this difference, as compared to the required temperature in the dwelling (typically between 19oC and 25oC), that is exploited
Some of the more modern units have the ability to reverse the process and use the external temperature difference to provide cooling

The typical saving made by using this type of system are sumarised below, current heating method against potential saving:

For more information visit the Energy Savings Trust website
Air source heat pumps

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