sap data requirements

Since SAP calculations are not based on a site survey submitting correct information is imperative for the production of valid SAP calculations and On Construction Energy Performance Certificates (OCEPC). The following are the suggested information sources and data items required.

information sources

Preferred are CAD “.dwg” drawings (paper copies or PDF files are also acceptable) of the following:

  • Site plan to include orientation of the dwelling(s)
  • Plans of each storey, normally at 1:50 scale
  • Elevations drawings for each elevation
  • Section drawing(s) representative of the dwelling
  • Written specification describing the construction elements and services as per data items below

data items

Follow links to see details and examples

Site Details

This will include everything that nationally identifies the dwelling, as a minimum it will include address & post code ^ Back to top

Primary heating system

Details to include make and model of boiler, details of heating emitters, hot water cylinder size (if applicable), system controls e.g: Worcester Greenstar Junior 24i; Radiators/underfloor heating; 140/190/250 litre hot water cylinder and Room thermostat + programmer + thermostatic radiator valves (TRV’s) ^ Back to top

Secondary heating system

Details of any secondary heating system present e.g. an electric fan heater, a gas fire room heater, an elctric radiant heater, a wood burning stove, etc. ^ Back to top

Ventilation Details

Details of all ventilation systems e.g. Xpelair extract fans to kitchen, bathroom, en-suite and utility ^ Back to top

Lighting Details

The details of all fixed internal and external lighting i.e. 25 low voltage (LV), 10 Low Energy (LE) and 2 modern strip lights and externally 2 LE floods ^ Back to top

Construction Details

For all different floors to the property to include: type & thicknesses of insulation and any other building products used e.g. 225mm thick hardcore / 1200g polythene / 125mm concrete slab / 50mm Celotex tuff-R Zero GA30000Z with 25mm perimeter insulation / 500g polythene separating layer / 65mm cement sand screed / 22mm composite laminate flooring
All different external walls to the property to include type and thicknesses of insulation and other building products used eg: 100mm facing brickwork / 50mm clear cavity / 100mm Celotex tuff-R CW3000Z partial fill cavity insulation / 100mm aggregate concrete block (BS EN 771-3) inner skin / 13mm 2-coat thistle plaster
All different roofs to the property to include type and thicknesses of insulation and other building products used eg: 100mm thick Rockwool Roll between ceiling joists cross laid with 170mm Rockwool Roll ^ Back to top

Details of Doors & Windows

Details of the doors and windows to include sizes, type of frame, type of glazing, thickness of glazing, and any low emissivity applications e.g: Argon filled, 4-16-4, UPVc windows, low E glazing soft coat. Manufacturer’s declared ‘U’ value = 1.6W/m2K ^ Back to top

Details of Renewable Technologies

Details of any renewable technologies installed e.g. Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar Water Heating, and Photovoltaic’s ^ Back to top

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