SAP assessment shows refurbishment meets regulations in Bromley

Set the challenge to ensure the builder was able to comply with building regulations we modelled the existing building in SAP and then modelled the refurbishment. The models showed the best modern double glazing was not as thermally efficient as solid brick – what to do?

During discussions with the builder it became clear the kitchen floor was to be replaced to allow the installation of underfloor heating. Including insulation below the underfloor heating increased the overall efficiency of the dwelling and thus allowed the refurbishment to meet current building regulations

Many people are unaware to comply with current building regulations all changes to the fabric of the building have to be modelled for energy efficiency so the refurbishment leaves the dwelling no less efficient than the current building. Also the indivudual elements have to meet the current building standards however; unlike a new build the whole building does not have to meet current building regulations.

For example if a solid brick wall (moderately efficient but unable to meet current building regulations) is knocked out and replaced with double glazing (less efficient that solid brick but as an element would meet current regulations) and a new wall then individually the new glazing and the new wall have to meet the current building regulations. Also the drop in thermal efficiency, glazing versus brick, has to be offset by improvements elsewhere

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